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Many families in our community can not afford to spay or neuter their beloved pets. Generous and compassionate people in our community are struggling to feed feral/wild cats that have come to them for food. Your donation will help spay and neuter family pets and feral cats in managed colonies.



Spay It Forward needs your support in order to continue our mission.

Please consider making a contribution to alleviate the population of unwanted companion animals.

Thank you!


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You can be part of the Solution.

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     What can YOU do?


  • SPAY or NEUTER your pet if you have not done so already.


  • ENCOURAGE OTHERS to spay/neuter their pet.


  • ADOPT - There are MANY great family pets in shelters that are looking for a home.


  • FOSTER - Rescue groups are in need of homes to foster homeless pets until adoption.


  • EDUCATE others about the importance and benefits of spay/neuter. Assist those in need of guidance or financial help. Direct them to Spay It Forward.


  • DONATE to Spay It Forward or your local rescue organization.




The Impact of Rescue Organizations


While Spay It Forward is working to prevent the "unwanted" in the future, we must help those that exist in the present.

Rescue groups take in owner surrenders and abandoned cats and dogs thus preventing them from ever entering animal control.

Rescue Groups raise their own funds privately, do not receive government funds and are almost all volunteers. Rescued dogs and cats are spayed/neutered and brought back to health by receiving vaccinations, proper diets and medical attention. Many are treated for malnutrition, heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas, ticks, ear mites, blood parasites, mange and other skin issues including allergies. Others are also given emergency treatment for Parvo and upper respiratory illnesses and provided surgery for broken bones, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament disease and internal injuries.


Rescued animals are socialized, given basic obedience and  house training. They are loved, rehabilitated, marketed and found responsible, loving homes. These animals are given back to our community as non-reproductive, loving family members who increase the quality of life for their families and do their part to help local economy through veterinarians, pet stores, boarding facilities, groomers and dog trainers.


Bless our area rescue groups, their volunteers and those who support them!                           


              Click here for Cabarrus Animal Shelter.                                      Click here to for local rescue organizations.


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